BYE Teams

BYE (Baptist Youth Evangelism) Teams are all about helping young people grow in their love of evangelism. Each Summer, Baptist Youth send a number of teams (of 6-12 young people) to assist a local church in their evangelistic ministries.

Over the past number of decades, thousands of young people have had the opportunity to connect with local Baptist church’s and assist them in their disciple making. As a result, we have the joy of hearing how young people grow radically in their love and understanding of Christ.

Whether its running holiday Bible clubs, distributing literature or organising events for local young people, BYE teams are a fantastic opportunity to engage in outreach, work in community and learn more about the local church. 

So, do you have a love for Christ? Do you desire to follow Jesus’ command of making disciples? Do you want to work in a team environment and have your faith strengthened this Summer? Then make sure you apply for one of our BYE team options in 2017.


Apply For A BYE Team?

If you would like to serve on a BYE Team in 2017, APPLY ONLINE by clicking here


Want to Know More About BYE Teams 2018?

Kinsale: 9-17 June

Leaders: Ryan Patterson & Charlotte Harkness

Age: 18+

Cost: £65

Involvement: 4 Day Quest Bible Club, Bible Study and Training Mornings 


Catalunya, Spain: 30 June - 8 July

Leaders: David & Claire Cassells

Age: 17+

Cost: £300 plus flights

Involvement: Community & Outreach, Church Holiday Bible Club


Castlederg: 30 June -8 July

Leaders: Lewis Stephenson & Chloe McCammon

Age: 16+

Cost: £65

Involvement: Youth Work, Holiday Bible Club & Outreach


Brannockstown: 30 June - 8 July

Leaders: Mark & Lisa Moorhead

Age: 16+

Cost: £65

Involvement: Youth Work, Holiday Bible Club & Outreach


Volochysk, Ukraine: 5 - 15 July

Leaders: Josh Bannister & Charis Graham

Age: 18+

Cost: £220 plus flights

Involvement: Youth Work, Holiday Bible Club & Outreach


Letterkenny: 7-15 July

Leaders: Josh Jones & Danielle Keys

Age: 16+

Cost: £65

Involvement: Youth Work, Holiday Bible Club & Outreach


Crumlin: 14-22 July

Leaders: Tim Gibson & Rebecca Clarke

Age: 16+

Cost: £65

Involvement: Children's Work and Youth Ministry


London (18+): 21-29 July

Leaders: Adrian Lucas & Hannah Gowdy

Age: 18+

Cost: £65 plus flights

Involvement: Family Week, Kids Work & Community Outreach


Sion Mills: 11-19 August 

Leaders: Paul Campbell & Michelle Burrows 

Age: 16+

Cost: £65

Involvement: Holiday Bible Club, Youh Work & Door to Door Evangelism