Summer Camps 2024

At Baptist Youth, we believe there is something special about camps. Having the opportunity to spend a whole week learning from God's Word, connecting with new friends and having a LOT of fun - there is no doubt that camps changes lives!



Each year, we have hundreds of children and young people attend one of the wide variety of BY camps on offer. Whether you are 8 years old, or even 68 years old, you can be involved in our camp experience! In 2024 we have children's camps, a pre teens camp and a teens camp, as well as a soccer camp! Please ensure you have read this entire web page (including the important information and personal data section below) before downloading and completing the application form.




Behind every great camp is a great team of volunteers. These volunteers are from all walks of life. The one thing that unites each of our volunteers , however, is that they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A rigorous process of application in line with BY's child protection policy is undertaken for all the officers on our camps (copies of the policy are available by contacting Baptist Youth).


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Camp Information 2024


Ages: 8-11

Dates: 30 June - 6 July 

Price: £115 / €130

Leaders: Mark & Jeannette Palmer

Message from the leaders:

"Come join us at the stunning North Coast for a fun-filled week as we learn more about our great God through song, drama and excellent Bible teaching! Our great team of officers guarantee fun, laughter and an action packed week."



Ages: 8-11

Dates: 21-27 July 

Price: £115 / €130

Leaders: Ian & Kerry Courtney

Message from the leaders:

“Millisle Camp is a week packed with fun activities - we'll have crafts, games, challenges, and trips out and about to exciting local places. It's a chance to make new friends, visit new places, try new things and most importantly learn more about the Bible and the message of the Gospel. Join us for a holiday to remember!”


Pre Teens Camp

Ages: 10-13

Dates: 18 - 24 August

Price: £135 / €155

Leaders: Andrew & Rebecca McAuley

Message from the leaders:

"You are so welcome to another week full of ridiculous fun! We have SO MUCH planned: theme days, beach trips, prizes, great food, and day trips!

At an age where everything can feel a little up in the air, our goal at pre-teens is to set our minds on things above and to come while learning how to manage and enjoy everything in the here and now. We seek to love our campers well through Bible-centred teaching and thoughtful small group conversations.

We are absolutely buzzing to meet you and can't wait for the best Summer ever!"


Boys Soccer Camp 

Ages: 11-14

Dates: 15-19 July

Price: £120 / €135

Leaders: Gareth Loney, Mark Hayes, Davy Wolfe

Message from the leaders:

"The aim of Soccer camp is to help boys develop football skills and to introduce them to footballers who are Christians. Add to this some excellent outings and you have a week of endless fun. Based at the North Coast, this camp will include trips to other exciting venues around the area."



Ages: 14-18

Dates: 14-20 July

Price: £165 / €190

Leaders: Matty Reid, Phil & Sarah Harris, & Jen Coll

A message from the leaders:

“We are so excited for another year of Illuminate camp - this year we are heading back to the glorious North Coast! Illuminate always proves to be a week of great fun, new friendships and amazing memories. With watersports, camp fires, forest games and more, Illuminate 2024 will be one to remember. More significantly, we will have a number of special guest speakers who will be sharing from God's word and speaking on important topics for us as young people today!”


Important Information

Baptist Youth camps are staffed by volunteers from all walks of life. The one thing that unites each of our volunteers, however, is that they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A rigorous process of application in line with BY’s child protection policy is undertaken for all our officers on our camps (copies of the policy are available by contacting Baptist Youth).

Baptist Youth, as a department of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland, have an insurance policy which covers Employers Liability and Public Liability. The Association will arrange a travel and personal accident policy to cover those travelling outside of Northern Ireland. 

Sometimes photographs and video taken on Baptist Youth Camps are used in publicity materials or used on the Baptist Youth Social Media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). If you have an objection to photographs and/or video of your child being used for such purposes, please inform the Youth Director (Andrew McAuley) in writing by 23 June 2024


Ages of Children attending a regional event should be assessed as follows;

Summer Camps - as of 30 June 2024

All rules relating to age will be strictly observed. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.


Concerning Your Personal Data

We collect information solely for the organisation, risk management and safety of our church activities. Your data will be stored securely by Baptist Youth and will only be accessed by appropriate persons for the purposes set out above.

The application form will require consent regarding the relevant use of your / your child’s data. Failure to provide us with accurate personal information and the necessary consent may affect our ability to run the activities efficiently.

We do not share your information with third parties unless the law requires us to do so. You have the right to request access to/removal of your personal data that we hold. For more information about this and your rights please see a copy of our Privacy Notice on our website


Safeguarding / Vetting (For leaders / Officers)

It is important to note that completion of the online application form is just one part of Baptist Youth's recruitment process. Successful applications must be accompanied by suitable references and relevant enhanced Access NI / Garda Vetting checks. The necessary forms and documentation will be emailed to you upon completion of this online application form. For more information on the Access NI or Garda Vetting process, and why such checks are necessary, see or respectively.