BY Summer 2021 Update (March 2021)

24-03-2021  |  Matt Campbell  |  YOUTH

Can you believe it has been a whole year since we entered our first lockdown? It is hard to believe that masks, social distancing and Zoom quizzes are that old!! It's been a year of frustration, limitation and, for many, devastation. Through it all we are thankful that we serve a God who is sovereign, faithful and good. 

As we come out of lockdown (hopefully) and make our way back to normality, we realise that this road to recovery is slow and unpredictable. As Easter approaches, we know little more than we did a month ago with regards to what Summer restrictions will entail. 

That being said, we have been working hard to plan a Summer Programme for 2021 that prioritises in person interaction and makes the most of the opportunities available to us. We are also committed to ensuring that any activities are safe and in line with government guidance.

With regards to the specifics of the Summer Programme for 2021, we will be releasing information shortly after the Easter break! Please keep checking our website in order to best stay informed!

Many Thanks
Matt Campbell