DAY 15 - Read Daily

15-11-2019  |  Matthew Campbell  |  YOUTH

Read Daily
Day 15 - The Intergenerational Church (Part 1)
Titus 2:2-8
Matthew Campbell


Questions for reflection:

  1. Are you ever tempted to believe that church would be a better place if it was full of people just like you? Why is this not the case? (Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-20 to help).

  2. Imagine someone was to say to you - “I don’t need to go to church, I can just have a Bible study with my friends at Starbucks.” Based on todays devotion, how would you advise them?

  3. Where has God gifted you? How can these gifts be used to serve in your local church? If you’re not sure, talk to someone in your church (a friend, elder, youth leader) and ask them for some guidance.

  4. No doubt, there are people in your church family who you wouldn’t, under normal circumstances, spend time with. Because of the gospel, we are supernaturally united to them as brothers/sisters in Christ. What steps could you take this week to get to know them / learn from them?


Devotion Transcript (Watch on Baptist Youth Youtube Channel)

Picture the scene. It’s a Sunday morning. You’re on your way to church but you’re running a little bit late. As you arrive, you walk through the front doors and into the main sanctuary where most of the church are already gathered. You start looking for a seat, you’ve got a few options as to where you could sit. But what influences your decision regarding who you sit beside?

If you’re honest, you probably look for a seat beside someone who you would consider a friend.

  • Maybe someone your age.
  • Someone who you have similar interests with so that after the service there won’t be any awkward silences, you can talk about yesterdays football.
  • Someone who you click with.


If you were to put that all together. Effectively, the person you’re looking for in the church is someone who is just like you!

I’m sure we all know and can relate to that sort of mindset. But in verses 2-8 of chapter 2 of Titus, we’re reminded of how important it is that everyone else in church isn’t just like us. In fact he goes further than that by saying that we ‘need’ people in the church who aren’t like us. In verses 2-8, Paul describes 4 types of people - older men, older women, younger men and younger women. And what Paul wants to emphasise is the important role that each of these groups of people play in the body of Christ. We’re going to see what those roles are in tomorrow’s devotion. But for now, take the time to acknowledge the importance of this diversity in the body of Christ.

Aren’t you sometimes tempted to think - church would be so much better and easier if everyone was more similar to me? The music would be just how I like it. The sermon would be the perfect length of time. The youth group would meet on the nights that best suit me. Yet, in reality if we’re really honest, a church full of people just like you would be a disaster. In fact, it couldn’t even function.

We would have no one to learn from. There would be many areas of service which would be neglected because everyone would be gifted in the same area. But perhaps most tragically of all, it wouldn’t be a good reflection of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You see the diversity that we see on a Sunday morning is a beautiful picture of the gospel. God is no respecter of persons. People aren’t brought into a relationship with God because of their age, their upbringing or the balance in their bank accounts. No, the gospel is a gift of God and it’s available to all who trust in Jesus as their Saviour. When we gladly join with believers who don’t look like us, we bring glory to the gospel of Jesus Christ and we give a fortaste of heaven when people from every tribe, tongue and nation will gather to glorify Jesus as their eternal king.

Have you ever just sat on a Sunday morning and looked around you and thought to yourself… ‘how weird is this?’ Here we have people of different ages, different backgrounds, different interests, different nationalities… yet they have all come together in unity. For what purpose? To worship God - that is the one thing that unites us together. This type of diversity is exactly what makes church, church. Your youth group is great. Your CU is great. Your friends Bible study is great. In many ways they may feel, quite often, like more comfortable environments. But they can’t replace the church, the intergenerational environment where the gospel is pictured and heaven is foreshadowed.