DAY 11 - Read Daily

10-11-2019  |  Grace Henry  |  YOUTH

Read Daily
Day 11 - The response to false teaching
Titus 1:13
Grace Henry

13 This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith,


Questions for application:

  1. Why do you think Paul considered false teaching so serious? Read 2 Timothy 2:17 for further hints.

  2. Why do you think it can be so difficult to challenge false truths that we hear in society?

  3. Paul had confidence that the gospel could help false teachers become ‘sound in faith.’ Do you struggle to believe the gospel has this power? How can this passage encourage you?



Devotion Transcript (Watch on Baptist Youth Youtube Channel)

Have you ever been in a situation where you are with a group of friends and someone in the group starts gossiping and makes up lies about your best friend who isn’t present? How does that make you feel and how do you respond? Well, it would make you feel a little angry would it not? You would put an end to the lies and false accusations about your best friend! You stand up for them because you know the truth.


Here in Titus 1 v13, we see something kind of similar. We see Paul’s response to how Titus should shut down and put an end to the false teaching that had been happening within Crete. Look with me at the start of v13 “This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply” Is Paul here telling Titus “yeah just sit back and let it pass.” No! Paul instructs Titus to rebuke them sharply. Paul is literally telling Titus to put an end to the false teachings and counter these false claims with the true gospel.


That’s why Paul commanded the elders back in v9 to hold close to the word of God. So that they would easily be able to identify false words. Similarly, we should be holding close to the word of God so that we know the truth and can identify false ‘gospels.’


It is important to note, at the end of this verse, there’s a reason why Paul is instructing Titus to rebuke and to correct the false teachers. Look with me at the end of v13 -“that they may be sound in the faith” Paul had confidence in the gospel’s power! He believed that the gospel would bring believers back to the truth. He believed that even these lairs, evil brutes, and lazy gluttons could still be brought to repentance through confrontation with the true faith.


So what does this mean for us? What should our response be? Well, let’s look back at the passage. “This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in faith. It’s true that there are people in our lives who are liars, evil brutes and lazy gluttons, and we are to rebuke/correct them firmly but gracefully. Why? So that they know the truth of the gospel and are clear in their understanding of the word of God. This is why it is essential for us to hold close to the word of God ourselves.