Christmas Devotion - Day 25

25-12-2018  |  Alex Donaldson  |  YOUTH

READ John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life


By Alex Donaldson


MERRY CHRISTMAS! It is officially the 25th December - all the waiting is over!!

As we finish off our series of Christmas devotions, we are looking at the most popular verse in the entire Bible - John 3:16. For me, John 3:16 is a verse that, growing up, I was made to memorize in Sunday school. However, it is so easy to take for granted the message of this verse and the eternal life we have received by believing in Jesus. 

In our world, very few things last forever. That can bring us a real sense of frustration. I'm sure there are some TV series' you have been hooked on that you wish would never end. I bet there have been some experiences you have had which you wish would never cease. But life doesn’t work that way. Very few things last forever. In fact, that might be a riddle you read on your Christmas cracker this afternoon - 'what is the only thing that lasts forever?' The answer most Christmas crackers will give, however, is 'the past.'

But the message of John 3:16 tells us something amazing and altogether different.

Because of Jesus's coming and work, there will be a forever. Every person exists for eternity. This verse shows us both the potentially negative and positive outcomes of our eternal destiny. Either we 'perish' - insinuating we spend an eternity in hell. Or we have 'eternal life' - alluding to the hope filled promise of heaven.

Sometimes I think back to all the presents I received when I was growing up. I think about how excited I was to get a particular toy, thinking it would bring me 'everlasting' happiness. But now, years on, I can laugh thinking how naïve that really was. Believe it or not, when it comes to the present you asked for this Christmas, although you may love it now, in 5-10 years, you might just look back and laugh to yourself that you ever wanted it - whether it be a jumper that by then is out of style or a games console that, in a number of years, is totally out of date.

As you celebrate with family today, may you be continually thankful that, because of the incarnation, we have received a gift of eternal value. This is a gift that you will benefit from, not just for years, but for billions of years. This is the gift of eternal life. This is the gift of knowing that, as followers of Jesus, we do not have to spend our eternity in hell. Rather, we have been made right with God and have the future hope of heaven.. 


Questions for reflection

1) Where in your hectic day can you spend a few short moments thanking God for his great gift of the Lord Jesus?

2) How should it change your outlook on this life knowing that we will spend eternity with God? 

3) Are you prepared to share the news of the greatest gift anyone could receive on Christmas? Is there someone in particular in your life who needs to hear this 


Prayer for today

God I thank you today for your Son. I thank you for the love, grace and mercy you showed in sending him to bless us with this eternal life. Help me to remember that while I’ve received different gifts today none of these compare or could ever compare to the greatest gift I’ve been blessed with. Help me as well to be prepared to share this gift with others so that they can also experience eternal life with you.