DAY 1 - Read Daily

02-11-2019  |  Matthew Campbell  |  YOUTH

Read Daily
Day 1 - Titus Introduction
Matthew Campbell


Questions for application:

  1. In what ways do you see our world as being in ‘crisis?’

  2. Paul suggests in the book of Titus that ‘the people of God, transformed by the message of God,’ provide hope to a dark world. Why do you think this is the case?

  3. What is the context of the book of Titus? What do we know about Titus? (See video transcript as well as 2 Cor 8:23 and Titus 1:5)

  4. Tim Chester says ‘Titus is all about ensuring the gospel is central to the everyday life of the church.’ In what areas of life do you struggle to make the gospel central in your life? (e.g. in school / on the sports field / in your family / in your dealings with your boyfriend or girlfriend / in your battling of temptation). Pray that your studies in Titus throughout November will encourage you to grow in your love and appreciation of the gospel.


Devotion Transcript (Watch on Baptist Youth Youtube Channel)

Just this week, let me give you a flavor of some of the headlines I’ve read.

  • The Financial Times reported how we’re approaching another global financial crisis.
  • The Telegraph reported how we’re in the midst of a moral crisis
  • The Guardian reported that we’re in the midst of a housing crisis
  • The BBC and effectively every other news outlet reported how we’re deep in a political crisis


It’s not hard to see the repetitive theme in each of those headlines. If the headlines are to be believed, we are living in a time of real crisis.


Perhaps you wonder, what hope is there in the midst of a culture in crisis? Well, the book of Titus gives us a really good answer to that question because this book is set in a time of cultural crisis. The author, the apostle Paul, is writing to Titus his fellow co-worker on the island of Crete. It appears, from v5 of chapter 1, that both Paul and Titus had been on a mission trip to Crete in years gone by and many people have come to faith in Jesus. However, with Paul moving on, Titus was left in Crete to encourage the new believers and build them up in their faith.


However, that’s not going to be an easy task. Why? Because Crete is an island which, perhaps much like our own, was in crisis. We get little glimpses of that throughout this letter. Crete was full of people who were harsh, liars, selfish - people who couldn’t be trusted. These people were even in positions of leadership. Religiously there were also many issues - false teachers spouting dangerous doctrines. What hope was there for an island like Crete? What hope is there for a culture like ours?


Here’s the hope offered by Paul for a culture in crisis - The people of God transformed by the message of God. Paul writes to Titus to encourage him that the people of God (the church) who have been transformed by the message of God (the gospel) bring hope to even the most desperate of cultures.


And so, as we read this letter, we are going to discover how Paul instructs Titus to ensure that the church leaders and members are people who are committed to, and growing in, the glorious message of the gospel.


What about you? As you analyze your own heart, could you be described as someone who is committed to, and growing in, the gospel? Elsewhere in the Scriptures, we see Peter urging Christians in an oppressive culture to live gospel-centered lives. Why? So that the broken world sees their hope and good deeds and may praise their father in heaven. As you begin this journey through Titus in these next 30 days, pray that God would work in your heart to increase your understanding of, and love for, the gospel of Jesus Christ.