Summer Celebration Service 2019

Saturday, 24th August 2019
7:30 pm
Moira Baptist Church
Summer is always filled with such amazing memories and stories! Come and hear more at the Baptist Youth Summer Celebration Service for 2019!

This Summer proves to be a busy one for Baptist Youth. With 13 teams and 6 camps taking place across Ireland and different parts of Europe, no doubt Summer 2019 will be one where friendships are developed and memories are made. However, more importantly, this Summer promises to be a great opportunity for young people across our churches to learn more about God and see, first hand, how he moves in the lives of his people!

In light of this, we would love to welcome you to the Summer Celebration Service on Saturday 24th August at 7:30pm in Moira Church. The Summer Celebration Service always proves to be an encouraging evening of celebration and thanksgiving, where we hear stories about what each team/camp got up to and what they learnt during their time away. At the celebration service we will also spend some time singing and hearing from God’s Word.

If you

  • attended/led a Baptist Youth Team or Camp
  • are a friend of someone who attended a BY Team/Camp
  • are the parent of someone who attended a BYE Team or a Camp
  • are simply curios about what happens during the Summer with Baptist Youth

then you will also be made most welcome.

As ever, we will finish the night by enjoying some ice cream together! We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Celebration Service this year!